Est. 1971

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Design as art since 1971

I was born in 1971 with a desire to design and create.  And it has been a continuous evolution that continues to develop.

I have always loved all forms of design, houses, cars, paintings, art, fashion, nature.

Design is art. It is the pure execution of the concept to reality and this is where my philosophy differs. It is not just about monetary reward. For me it is about the much richer reward of the creation of things-enduring and beautiful things.

I apply quality, the hidden craftsmanship of a true artisan. Creating Martino Group has given me the freedom to consistently exercise methods and produce design as art, without compromise.

To me compromise is something that two parties agree to, not something one does at the expense of another.

That is my point of difference. I love stories like The Ugly Duckling, where the un-obvious beauty shines where no one else could see (insight) or the bullet proof integrity of Howard Roark in Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead (integrity), where compromise is nonexistent. 

Whether it is the design of a chair, a space, a building or the construction of an art exhibition, it is the same. It must work, it must be appealing and it must be beautiful.

Matt Martino