No 32 – 34
Jubilee Place, Richmond

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No 32 – 34 are modern, streamlined industrial homes that are inspired by the back lanes and highly coveted warehouse conversions so highly sought after in the inner city. The raw concrete walls and exposed steel beams soar up three levels, with a garage and secluded ground floor sleeping level, through an entire living space on the first floor and up to a third level roof terrace with stunning city views.

A hard-edged, streamlined modernism and a palette of industrial materials like timber, concrete, glass and steel have replaced all domestic and suburban language. The integrity in the structure which is exposed wherever possible and the simplicity in the selection of materials create spaces that are literal to their environment yet retain an interior, and exterior beauty that is a perfect response to the site. These were never going to be quaint townhouses with picket fences and period charm.